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The future of your family, your finances, and your relationship can depend on sound legal advice and representation.

We make your needs our top priority before, during, and after proceedings so that you can focus on moving forward. We are members of Resolution – the specialist family body for Solicitors and, as such, abide by the Resolution code of conduct which we hope will enable parties to move forward in as constructive and non-confrontational manner as possible.

Divorce solicitors

Whether your divorce is uncontested or not, there are a number of important matters where legal advice is particularly useful.

From petitioning for divorce and receiving the Decree Absolute to facing uncooperative spouses and handling orders from the Court to secure your financial future, our divorce solicitors are highly skilled in taking care of your interests.


Having a legal Separation Agreement in place means you and your former partner both know where you stand now you are no longer together..

It can help clarify financial and parenting responsibilities, avoid unnecessary animosity and avoid future conflict between both parties.

This might include arrangements for any children, such as where they will live and maintenance; how much you both contribute to rent/mortgage of any property; how to deal with mutual debts; what to do with shared items, such as TVs, cars, or furniture; and what will happen to any family pets.

Child Matters

Matters involving children (whether dealt with by agreement or as a result of Court Order) such as child arrangements as to whom and for how long children spend time, can be fraught and overwhelming.

Having the right legal team behind you, advocating for yours and your children's rights and future is paramount. Seldon's family law solicitors take a sensitive and personable approach to working with parents facing these issues, while always offering unbiased and honest advice.


Cohabitating couples are the fastest growing family type, but legal agreements between these couples are less common.

A Cohabitation Agreement (or a Living Together Agreement) details how you and your partner will manage financial matters. It could include how much you each agree to pay for rent, a mortgage and bills, and who owns/keeps which assets if you were to separate. While it might seem pessimistic to prepare for the worst, having an agreement in place can strengthen a relationship and help both partners feel secure. It also avoids additional emotional strain if the worst does happen.


If you are planning to get married or enter into a civil partnership, then a Prenuptial Agreement (or a Pre-Registration Agreement for civil partnerships) sets out what would happen if you were to separate in the future..

You could also do this after marriage (a Postnuptial Agreement). This might be important to you if you and your partner have different amounts of money or assets, or if one of you is soon to receive a large inheritance or has children from a previous relationship.

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