Some of the circumstances where additional costs will be incurred:-

 If the estate is subject to Inheritance Tax, or reliefs and/or exemptions are required to be claimed in order to mitigate any inheritance tax liability.

 If the Will includes multiple beneficiaries, beneficiaries based overseas or beneficiaries that are difficult/unable to be located.

 If the estate includes multiple assets, shareholdings, and/or a large share portfolio, more than one property, agricultural property (land or assets), business property (land or assets), trust interests, non-residential property, foreign property and or savings or there have been large gifts made in the seven years before death.  

 If there are issues with the Will i.e. the Will appoints Executors who are deceased, the Will is unclear as to its terms, there is a partial intestacy (the residue is left to someone who has died and no provision has been made for a substitute beneficiary)

We can give you a more accurate quote once we have seen a copy of the Will and have more information regarding the details of the assets and liabilities held in the estate.

 Where there are properties in the estate, the sale or transfer of any property in the estate is not included in our fee.  A separate quote can be provided from our Property Department which we will obtain for you

 Where a Will contains Trust provisions whereby a Trust is required to be set up and registered with HMRC the cost of this will be in addition to our fee and a more accurate quote can be given in these circumstances.

Where there is no Will

Where someone dies without a valid Will the administration of the estate can be more complex, particularly if beneficiaries need to be traced and these include extended family.  Again, we can give you a more accurate quote once we have more information regarding the details of the deceased, any known family and the assets and liabilities in the estate.

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