Fees and Disbursements based on the above guide and assumptions

We would anticipate it would take between 10.5 and 21.5 hours based on the hourly rate of the fee earner working on the file as shown below.  The total estimated cost would be between £1,700 - £3,700 (plus VAT) at the then current hourly rate.  The exact costs within this range will be dependent upon the circumstances of the estate being administered.  For example, if there is one beneficiary, one bank account and no property, costs are likely to be at the lower end of the cost estimate above, but if there are four beneficiaries, four bank accounts and one property, the costs are likely to be at the higher end of the cost estimate above.

In addition to our fees there will be certain other payments or disbursements to pay as follows:-

 Probate Application fee –  £155 plus 50p  for each additional office copy of the Grant of Probate which may be required to administer the estate.

 £7 for each Executor that swears the Oath to obtain the Grant of Probate.

 Bankruptcy Search at the Land Charges Department at £2 per beneficiary for those resident in the UK.

 Advertisement in the London Gazette to protect Executors against unexpected claims from unknown creditors at £83.40 inclusive of VAT.

 Advertisement in a local newspaper to help protect Executors against unexpected claims £40 - £70 inclusive of VAT (newspaper dependent).

 Certainty Will Search each at £91.20 inclusive of VAT

The above disbursements are usually paid as part of the administration of the estate from the assets in the estate and we will deal with this on your behalf.

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