Whether you’re a first-timer, retirer, holiday-homemaker, mover, renter or property investor,

our team can handle all the hassle that comes with buying and selling, leasing, mortgaging, and more. That way you can get on an enjoy moving in, moving up or moving on.

Buying and selling your home

Homes are personal, and so is our approach. Each client’s needs are different, which is why we take the time to get to know you and your circumstances. It’s also why we call when it’s convenient and communicate in whatever way works best for you. We demystify home-buying for first-timers with a straightforward, easy-to-understand process, and make moving efficient and manageable, no matter how many times you’ve done it.


The mortgage market is confusing and changes from day to day. Don’t let the complex terminology and financial side of things put you off purchasing the home of your dreams. We can provide legal advice on your mortgage offer to set you on the path to property ownership.

Tenancy Agreements

Take control in preparing your Tenancy Agreement for a smoother, more secure rental experience. Whether you’re a prolific landlord or concerned tenant, renting or renting out a full-time residence or holiday let, we can make sure your contracts are well-made and watertight to prevent against problems and prepare for the future.

Second homes and holiday properties

Investing in a second property, whether it’s a holiday home or a rental, is a whole other beast to buying your permanent residence, but with our assistance your real estate empire (or sunny spot by the sea) can become a reality. We’ll make sure you’re following the letter of the law, whether you’re letting it out or enjoying the view yourself.

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